Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nursery Lamp Table

Once again, my mom is my hero. We all went to St. Simons Island for a Memorial Day trip (although my mom and her family got to stay longer than we did... jealous). The antique festival was going on, and although I didn't stop by (my husband will not allow hours of antiquing on a tight 2.5 day vacation schedule, and I can't really blame him) my mom did. She called me about a super cute modern side table. I've been half looking for a table for the baby's room. Only half looking since I'm currently overwhelmed with summer classes and work and being pregnant. Speaking of which, if you notice this post is riddled with typos, my apologies. I have half a brain these days... So anyways, my mom sent me a text photo of the table, and I immediately responded "Yes, please!" At $20, it is a pretty good price for such a pretty piece. It needs a little TLC, but I think even just cleaning it and polishing it will do wonders. I love the little tiles on the top, and the size ended up being absolutely perfect next to the chair. I hadn't planned on putting a table here, but we realized that we couldn't fit a lamp on the changing table dresser because we'd have to run the chord across to the opposite wall, and I just don't love that idea. There is an outlet right behind the chair, so this works perfectly. Thanks again Mom!
Here is the little table after I reassembled it. The legs screw off easily, which made for perfect transport. It's also surprisingly sturdy considering it has three legs. It doesn't feel any different from a four legged table, which I guess shouldn't surprise me.
You can't see them, but there are subtle gold flecks in these little tiles. The white part is just laminate but is in great shape.
See what I mean about the chair/table height? Perfect! This was my first lamp option. I think this lamp is just too tall though. Sad, because I love the ceramic and the color and the texture. But this is just not the right home...
Here's lamp option number 2. I think this is better. Justin griped about how it takes up the whole table, but I reminded him we have two dressers in there if we need to set stuff down, etc. I really don't want much on this table aside from a lamp and a glass of water. Maybe a book? The shade is the best I could do... Target carries a TEENSY selection of lamp shades that will work with a lamp that has a harp on it. This was the only white option. I think it's OK. I'd rather it be smooth and not so tapered up. I was dying over these amazing barrel shaped ones at Target that were brown burlap, but alas, they were not for vintage lamps with harps. I've been checking the thrift stores, but nothing has come up there either. I'll keep the wrapping on and the receipt for a while, but I do think this shade is OK. Just not as perfect as it could be.
I think it looks nicer when the lamp is on... This just looks cozy to me. I'm really happy with how everything has been fitting together. We've only got about 9 weeks left to get everything together! To that end, I bought an iron and ironing board today, and some fuse tape to try and do the curtains myself. My grandma has very very kindly offered to help me sew them, so if this doesn't work, that's my plan B. But I realized that not having visible stitches would actually be a really nice thing on these curtains. And, I'm 27; it's probably time for me to own an iron...


  1. Huh, I don't really have much to ad that you haven't already said above! Love the little table. You only have the one? These usually come in a set of three and they stack or nest on top of each other. The second lamp is great but yes, too big for the table and yup needs a different shade. I'd 86 both lamps and get a vintage pole lamp to sit next to the chair on the other side or between and behind the chair and table.

    My 2 cents!

  2. I love the little table. It looks great with your newly covered chair. And I think the shape of the shade IS perfect for that lamp. The angle at which it tapers echoes the shape of the lamp exactly. I think a straighter shade might look awkward, so I'd leave it just like it is. From a practical standpoint, do you have room on the table for a bottle, a burp cloth and at least a mug/glass/canned drink for whoever is feeding the baby? If not, you might want a smaller lamp...but definitely use the other one somewhere in the room! I love it.

  3. Mr. Modtomic: You are probably right. A pole lamp would be awesome there. But not necessarily baby friendly. There's nothing pre-walkers like better than finding wobbly tall things to pull up on/crash underneath. :) I'll look around in the mean time though. It's a good long-term goal.

    Dana: Thanks! I'm glad you like the shade. It's growing on me, too. There is a vintage shop near us that sells gorgeous vintage shades in all shapes, but they are SO expensive, so making this one work seems like the best option. There's definitely room on the table for those things you mentioned, although we don't really do bottles around these parts. Of course, once school starts back, it will be a different story... The lamp will have to be off-center in order to accommodate the other stuff, but I think that's fine. We can always straighten it back for photo shoots, etc.

    Sudha: Thanks! I think the room is coming along well, but isn't it painful how bare the wall behind this little set up is? Yowsa. We have to figure out what to put up on the walls...

  4. I love that little table! What a find. Tripods are so cool and the tiles make it oh so perfect.