Sunday, June 26, 2011

One panel down...

Here's my one curtain panel up! The other is sitting on my fancy new ironing board with my fancy new iron waiting for me to have another hour or two to finish it. But, the good news is that even with my less-than-perfect ironing abilities, the panel looks pretty good with the fusing tape! Don't look too closely, since you'll see how wonky some of the lines are, but whatever. That color is just so so good. I love it with the wood of the dresser. And I think it brightens up the whole room quite a bit. I also think it looks nice with the sheers I got at Target. I even think the length is pretty good. I'm a fan of a little bit of pooling. Oh, and I know you are supposed to have your curtains hung close to the ceiling, but there is some old water damage close to the ceiling in this room (from when the roof leaked, which we have fixed since then) and now that it's all painted over and won't be leaking anymore, I didn't want to deal with trying to screw the curtain rod in anywhere near it. Plus, I think with the sheers hung on a tension rod inside the window, it would look weird to have a big gap in between, and I'm not about to spend the money to get a double rod. Long story short, this is how it looks, and I like it. :) The other great thing about this fabric is that it's pretty heavy, so when it's pulled closed, it actually blocks out a lot of light. Great for baby naps...

I promise to catch up more soon. Summer classes, work, pregnancy, family, bla bla bla. Things are crazy!


  1. I miss your posts, but I can certainly understand why we aren't hearing much from you these days. Take care of yourself and give us a tour of the room when it's done!

  2. Dana, you are so sweet. Thanks for such a nice message! I'm sure once I'm on maternity leave in August I'll be blogging up a storm. Maybe.

  3. Oh boy, I still have to hem one of the curtains I hung in the master bedroom. It will take me forever to get around to it I'm sure, so don't feel bad!!

    Yours look wonderful!

  4. I hate hemming. Officially! I will say, that fuse tape is pretty awesome though. I definitely would go that route again. It still took quite a while, but I like how it looks with no seam on the front. Good luck with your curtains!