Sunday, January 23, 2011

Atlanta Craigslist goodies...

My spring semester has started with school, and I'm intimidated. I'm just taking two classes again, but it's going to be a LOT of work. Reading, yes, to be expected, but lots of writing this semester, too. But I'll make it! Taking a break from reading some fabulous Eudora Welty stories for class, I love scanning CL. It's like thrift store shopping when I don't have time to actually go thrifting. Since I'm not in a position to actually buy anything, I'm posting some of my favorites. :) Enjoy!

This Welbilt range is right near me in North Decatur. Only $100! It doesn't mention whether or not it works... It would almost be worth it even if it didn't... Except we actually cook these days.
This is listed as a 1952 Kent Coffey Highboy Dresser. I love ads like these, where they clearly love the piece, but never once use the phrase "mid-century modern" or "Eames era." It's listed at $110.
This piece is not a diamond in the rough. It's a diamond, but the owner knows it. :) It's listed at $600, but claims to be a Peter Hvidt design. It's beautiful. Look at the edges!
I love these vintage high chairs. I just always worry about the safety... This is only $25! I love the image on the chair back.
This might be one of my favorites. It's described as a toybox, and I just love the shape and colors. It reminds me of a carnival. But in my opinion, it's too expensive. $50? I don't know. I guess in a booth it would be that much. Either way, it's adorable, right? I will point out that it's been up for a while, and keeps getting re-listed but with no price drop. Take a hint?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The big girl bed

Here's our kitty, BooBoo, breaking in Roxanne's new bed. Maybe she thinks she blends in with all of the Hello Kitty toys. She didn't fool Roxanne though, who is apparently unwilling to share her new bed with the kitty and her "stinky booty." Sorry BooBoo. We know you don't really stink.
I'm still not sure about the wall decor yet, but I love this little quilt hanging on the wall and wanted to try and display it somehow. I think I need a better way of hanging it. Maybe a curtain rod. But isn't the headboard adorable?!
This quilt folded at the foot of the bed is another one of my favorites. I love the pink and red and creamy white (obviously). I'm just glad we don't have pink walls in there. As it is, I need to work in some different colors.
The footboard is low, which is great for Roxanne climbing in and out of the bed. The only problem we are running into with the vintage bed is that it seems wider than a modern-day twin. Weird, right? It seems like usually everything runs bigger now. It has an inch or two on each side between the box spring and the metal bed rails. We bought slats at IKEA to go under the box spring, and they really aren't tight enough to stay totally in place. Of course, as long as she's not crazy jumping on it and with the addition of the bed rail, it seems pretty safe and sturdy.
The stepped back view. As you can see, the bed is right in front of the door. And her bed is now on the wall that our room shares with hers. Such is life in a little house!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mish Mash Photo Post

This is the very first piece of Roxanne's very first vintage collection. With my mom's help, I decided that she would love collecting vintage Josef Original animals. They were made for quite a while, and there is a range of styles. The later ones are flocked, and adorable, but I decided these earlier ones that have a shine to them are slightly more vintage looking and less cheapy. My grandmother gave her this dog and the kitty pictured below. I found both on Etsy and the sellers were both WONDERFUL.
My mom got Roxanne a glass display shelf that I plan to hang in her room to put these little guys in. We just got her new twin bed set up, so everything is off the walls and ready to be re-worked. Her room gives me grief because it is just so little and so crammed full of stuff. But so it goes with little ones. The important part is that it's cheerful and she loves it. As she gets older, we can cull out things like the glider. I'll post photos once her room is all done. Her little headboard and footboard look like they are from the 60's and my mom found them painted off-white at a Goodwill. I meant to do some touch-ups but opted for a good cleaning for now.
Here is a side view of one of Roxanne's Christmas presents. It's a large wooden dollhouse. My mom spotted it at Goodwill while we were shopping, and it was only $6 for the house and a good bit of the pretty wooden furniture you see inside. I re-painted (including the chevron rug you see here...I couldn't help myself). The house was painted along the edges with dragonfly and flower stencils. Not really our style.
Another painted rug... These colors are the same pinks and reds I used to paint her dresser. Someday maybe we can actually fit the dollhouse into her room!
I could be wrong, but it feels like a home-made dollhouse. I love to think that a dedicated Dad built it for his little girl. It's very sturdy, and I actually like the sort of modern lines and the fact that it's kind of sparse inside.
Here she is looking at it on Christmas morning. This was one gift from Mama and Daddy, and not from Santa. Santa gifts were wrapped...
On an unrelated note, this is our improvised "den" in the basement. Our old IKEA futon, the old flokati, and some other useful pieces of furniture w had around. I know it's not exactly fabulous, but this area was being used just for storage, so it's nice to make it livable.
We haven't owned a TV in a number of years (although we watch internet TV and use Netflix on the computers; me moreso than Justin). This set was given to us by my bosses. They upgraded to a flat-screen, so were ready to give this one away. It's nice to angle it towards the elliptical so we can watch one of the eight or so free channels that we get through the digital cable box thingy. Maybe that will motivate me to use it more...