Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hey hey hey!

OK, so the lovely ladies at No Pattern Required added a kindly mention of little Nadine's room over on their FB page. Obviously, this guilted me into making a post. Sorry for neglecting my blog and all of yours! I read when I can, but between work, school and now two kiddos, I just haven't had as much blog-writing time. So, here's Nadine's room now that it's all done. It's never this clean though. Baby clothes multiply in the night. And drape themselves all over everything.
First of all, here's Nadine in her new high chair. She's five months old now!! Ah!
I think this high chair fits right in around here. The graphic on it is by Dwell Studio, but since it's a Fisher Price chair, it was actually really reasonable. I got it on eBay.
Here's where the grainy pictures of her room start. I know they are awful. They were taken with an iPod. Sorry. Our camera was broken at the time.
The pouf is now one of the cat's favorite place to sleep. It makes a great cat bed.
Good gravy this is terrible looking.
I love these colors.
Ok, so this has changed a little again. Now, the table is to the right of the chair and there's a simple floor lamp next to it. Mr. Modtomic was right that the lamp is too big for that little table. My mom suggested moving the floor lamp in there, and it was the perfect idea. The shade is a gold/yellow velvet.
This is Nadine's long-awaited crib! After IKEA pulled their cribs, we started looking elsewhere. This is a BabyMod crib from Wal-Mart. It's perfect, and I got it on sale. It's super super sturdy, and has a great modern look io it.
Pretty cozy.

So yeah, sorry for the grainy photos. Someday when I get my act together I'll take and post some decent ones! I was given a Canon Rebel camera for Christmas (via giftcard from my employers) so I now have no excuses for terrible photos.

I hope you are all well!