Sunday, January 9, 2011

The big girl bed

Here's our kitty, BooBoo, breaking in Roxanne's new bed. Maybe she thinks she blends in with all of the Hello Kitty toys. She didn't fool Roxanne though, who is apparently unwilling to share her new bed with the kitty and her "stinky booty." Sorry BooBoo. We know you don't really stink.
I'm still not sure about the wall decor yet, but I love this little quilt hanging on the wall and wanted to try and display it somehow. I think I need a better way of hanging it. Maybe a curtain rod. But isn't the headboard adorable?!
This quilt folded at the foot of the bed is another one of my favorites. I love the pink and red and creamy white (obviously). I'm just glad we don't have pink walls in there. As it is, I need to work in some different colors.
The footboard is low, which is great for Roxanne climbing in and out of the bed. The only problem we are running into with the vintage bed is that it seems wider than a modern-day twin. Weird, right? It seems like usually everything runs bigger now. It has an inch or two on each side between the box spring and the metal bed rails. We bought slats at IKEA to go under the box spring, and they really aren't tight enough to stay totally in place. Of course, as long as she's not crazy jumping on it and with the addition of the bed rail, it seems pretty safe and sturdy.
The stepped back view. As you can see, the bed is right in front of the door. And her bed is now on the wall that our room shares with hers. Such is life in a little house!


  1. Ya think maybe the bed size is a Full? Doesn't sound like it but I can't think of another in between size.

    On another note, we just lost our little (big really) kitty. And my Mom used to have a little dog named BooBoo.

  2. What a precious bed! I just helped my daughter do a "big boy room" for Holden so Grayson could have the nursery. Isn't it fun decorating for them as they get older?

    Tell me all about being on an HGTV show. They contacted me a couple of times to be one of the "inspiration homes" on the Rate My Space show, but I didn't do it. I've wondered if I should have.

  3. Love the retro bed. My little great niece (8 years old) stays with me every other weekend. I have started to furnish her room with retro / mcm pieces and she loves them. I'm wondering if your bed is what is called a 3/4 bed? We have a few mattress manufacturers in this area that make unusual size mattresses and they don't cost more and a store bought one.

  4. Mr. Modtomic: I read your moving post about your kitty. I'm so so sorry. I lost my first kitty in college (he was hit by a car) and I still miss him. I hope you and your girlfriend are feeling better soon.
    Dana: I would love to see it! I'm sure it's gorgeous. I struggle with Roxanne's room sometimes because it's such a mish-mash of styles and I just wish I were better at putting things together artfully. As for HGTV, I wrote some early posts about it, but we were on Curb Appeal: The Block. They gave us a $20,000 makeover (on the outside only). It was definitely overall a positive experience, and we love the changes, but there are some negatives to mention (at the risk of sounding ungrateful, which we aren't). The landscaping has been very difficult to upkeep since they cut some corners, like not removing the bermuda grass from under the planting beds very well. It is IMPOSSIBLE to dig out once it's under there. And the driveway was basically skimmed over with new concrete instead of being replaced and it cracked again in several places immediately. The contractors were nice enough, but once the HGTV people left, it took MONTHS to get them to finish all the little loose ends (like getting the permit signed off on). Plus, they hit a water main, and didn't repair it correctly, so we ended up having our entire basement flooded with quite a bit of damage resulting. On the bright side, it helped us clean everything out down there. The HGTV people were very very nice though (although in all honesty the TV personalities themselves are not overly warm and friendly when the cameras aren't on, but that's OK!). We feel so lucky to have had the chance to get our house redone, and our stoop and railing are SO much more functional. It's weird, since we didn't get to pick anything out, even paint colors, but we are happy with how everything came out. From what I've heard, Rate My Space is very friendly. I think that blog Young House Love was on there and they blogged that it was a very positive experience.
    Krazy4Mod: Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Good for you for teaching your lucky niece to appreciate retro decor! And thank you for the suggestion on the bed size! I'll have to look into that. We just bought her the new twin mattress set, so we don't want to replace it, but I'm just curious about the size difference. I definitely don't think it's a full size, just because it's a fairly slight difference.

  5. Adriane, haven't heard from you in a few days. Home you and yours are OK.