Friday, May 13, 2011

Modern Vintage for Baby's Room

So, you've seen some of our progress so far for the baby's room! One other thing we've been trying to accomplish is adding some "modern" touches that still work with the vintage influences in the room. I've bought two things that seem small, but I think will make a big impact. One is a set of three small touch lamps that are shaped like mushrooms. I first saw them on Ohdeedoh, and found them on Amazon for less than $20. Since there is no outlet in the closet of the baby's room, I put these on the tall chest in there and they are SO CUTE. I think the color and shape are modern, but speak well to vintage style, too. They give a nice glow and I think they will work well as night lights.
The other find is this set of "Vintage Alphabet Cards." Unfortunately, I can't grab the photo like I did with the mushrooms above (I'll photograph my own stuff once I get the room in better order) but I highly recommend you click the link to look at these super cute cards. They are pricey, but I was able to find them on one of the gazillions of discount mom websites (I think it was Zulily) so they were half off. Very very very worth it. They are adorable, and they will take up a great spot on one of the walls. I'm not sure where they'll go yet. I think I might put them over the crib, but I also might put them on the wall next to the mirror on the long low dresser. We have to push the mirror almost all the way to one side so we can fit the changing pad on the dresser, so it looks a little wonky. I'm thinking maybe the cards would balance it a little. Even though I think they look super cute hung on strings like in the display image, I think I might just use command strips to fix them directly to the wall in neat rows. I have a friend who has alphabet flash cards displayed like that and it is surprisingly cute and not messy. Of course, then I'd have to use a level... Ew. Maybe some twine and clothespins would be cute...

So now we are looking for one or two more pieces of cool art for in there. And a nice mobile. One of our favorite boutiques in town is running a half off deal through Scoutmob, and we really really tried to find some good stuff but couldn't find anything that was right. We were tempted by a Jonathon Adler paper lantern (like this one) but in such a tiny room, a purely decorative anything has to be a big important decision. Of course, looking at it again, I'm thinking maybe we really need it... Isn't it so pretty? We looked at Kudzu Antiques near us, too, but just couldn't find the right thing. We've got a few months though, and we're both happy with the progress we've been making.


  1. I adore the mushrooms...and I like the alphabet cards clothespinned to twine idea too. That sounds perfect for a boy's room. I made a precious mobile for G'son #1's room using felt, yarn and embroidery hoops, and it hardly cost a thing. I did birds, but you could do anything...even mushrooms. :)

  2. Those mushroom lamps are so cute!

  3. Dana: Thanks! I love love your mobile. I found one on Ohdeedoh that is super cute, too, made with circles of vintage children's books, attached to baker's twine and attached to an embroidery hoop. I'm going to try it. Some day... :)
    Vintage Coconut: Thank you! I really can't take much credit since I found them on Ohdeedoh, but they are adorable.