Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Chair is Here!

I'm so excited that the chair got dropped off today. I didn't get home from school until 10pm, so sorry for the dark photos.
I love these brass tacks on the arms. Unexpected, but very appropriate I think.
Here they are again on the front of the chair! Cute!
Side view. I don't know if you can tell, but the wood on the chair is almost exactly the same as the wood dressers. It's so nice when things work out like that...
Here's the side/back. I love this little piping detail. There are a couple of little flaws on the chair that are kind of annoying, but overall, it seems like the upholsterer did a really nice job. He fixed the springs that needed replacing, and the chair feels softer to sit in, so I'm assuming he replaced the padding/stuffing, too. I'm still knitting the pouf to use as a stool, but hopefully it will be done soon. I'm almost done with the knitting part, but now school has gotten back in, and I'm slammed.
Here's the chair with the best blanket ever tossed over the back. I'm officially in love with the brown and white and red. And the wall color with the red chair is really pretty, too. Things are clicking! Now we just have to find the baby's name...


  1. Love it! Love the red, looks great!

  2. The chair looks fantastic. I love it with the brown and white too. I bet that looks amazing against the new wall color!

  3. Jealous now. I LOVE red!! Speaking of red, how about Scarlet? Or is baby to be a boy??

  4. Mick- Thanks so much! I'm glad the photos actually show how bright and happy this chair is!

    Dana- Thanks! I think the brown and red are so rich and fancy together. And yes, it's so nice against the wall color. Now I have to see if I can get the old fabric to work as curtains...

    Stephanie- Thanks! I am so glad I ended up going this route! The fabric was so inexpensive, and I think it will be more long-lived than a cool print would have... I do like the name Scarlet, but as a Georgian, it's off-limits. :) Too much Gone with the Wind still around these parts... And we actually won't know the baby's sex until birth. Not too much longer now!