Sunday, May 8, 2011


OK, I know these photos are going to be kind of semi-useless. Sorry. But we painted the baby's room this weekend. I'm so happy that we got it all done. We ended up using the "Vintage Taupe," and it is really fresh and clean feeling. It's not totally white white, so it's still kind of cozy feeling, but in such a tiny room that gets the least light of any room in the house (except maybe for the bathroom...) using a light color really was a good choice. The Benjamin Moore paint is all low VOC, so I could help Justin with it. The primer was a different story. Ugh, it was so awful! I helped a tiny bit with that, but not much because I started worrying I'd end up giving the baby another arm or something. All told, it took two coats of primer and two coats of the paint color. The trim could definitely use a refresher, as could the ceiling, but neither is glaringly awful, and there's just too much other stuff to do to worry about it.
Here's the closet doorway "before" with the blue on the walls (and clutter EVERYWHERE).
Another view of the blue. It was so pretty, but trust me, it was just way too dark. It had a lot of gray/black undertone, and it just made the room feel kind of depressing. Not what we wanted for a baby...
The current light fixture... Ugh. This is the last ceiling fan in the house. We are planning to replace it with something more fun (and not a ceiling fan, since it's just not necessary in our house and we have the awesome crank windows when we want circulation). We just have to find the right fixture.
Here's BooBoo watching us paint from outside. And yes, that is a giant tupperware of sand and sand toys on our stoop. It was my DIY/cheapskate answer to getting Roxanne a sandbox. Classy.
Here's the closet "after." The wall color you see is the final color. BUT, we did not paint inside the closet. It was already a slightly darker taupe, and not worth changing. This dresser will live in here, and we actually think we might leave the doors off (at least for now) because it makes the room feel bigger. We just need to get some storage bins for up top. All those delightfully bright plastic giant toys up there are for Roxanne's vast "Weeble Village" that my mom has helped me amass via thrift stores and consignment sales. Roxanne LOVED the Weeble toys, and I'm sure the new baby will, too. My plan is to put them in bins and just have one down at a time. Roxanne always had them sprawled over half the house, so we're trying to avoid that now.
In cleaning out this closet, which was full of thrift store and estate sale stuff still in bags (come on, you know sometimes you stash a bag or two of thrift store finds and forget about it... right?). I cleaned it all out, and found this super adorable vintage Playskool toy. I had forgotten about it! When you move the rings on and off the peg on the right, the bell rings. I love the colors of it, too. It looks like I paid about $2.50 for it. It's wooden, so I'm pretty sure I won't let the baby play with it (lead paint? can't be too safe) but for display, it's adorable.
Here's another view of the new wall color. This little wall is where the crib will go. I'll try and take photos in here soon that are better lit, but I can't figure out the best time of day to take photos in here. The lighting is just awful.

My rocking chair is supposed to be dropped off tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. I am alllllmost done painting the master bedroom in my house. I think I have been painting it for a month lol...

    The original 50's color was a sort of pink/salmon/flesh color, but something about the undertones that made it depressing, like the blue on your walls. So I went with an almost white/pink.

    Love your new color, love mine too! Ha ha.

  2. I think that's a great color for the baby's room. It's bright and cheery and will be versatile as you turn it into a big boy's room.

  3. 1950's atomic ranch house: Yeah, painting can definitely be the SLOWEST project ever! Your choices sound so nice. I think there's something crazy refreshing about going from a darker color to a bright/fresh one. It's just like a breath of fresh air!

    Dana: Thanks so much! Of course, we don't know which we are having (hence the neutral colors). But I'll mark you down on the people who guess it's a boy list. :) We're feeling like it will be a girl. Only a few more months until he or she is here!