Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Missed it...

Here's the tiny, badly lit photo from the Craigslist ad. This stupid ad went up November 23, and somehow, someone bought it last night as me and Justin were trying to decide how we could swing the $150 price tag. Yes. $150. Are you throwing up in your mouth? I am. It is brown tweed, and the seller promised it was clean, never in a smoking home, and it had belonged to her parents. There was apparently a broken leg somewhere, but I'm sure I could have fixed it. Look how each piece just has one long cushion! Perfect! And the tufted back??? How will I ever get over missing this? I really am disappointed. This would have been so perfect in our little living room.

At least I can tell myself that tweed sometimes makes you itchy.

Um, let's be honest. It would have been worth the itch.


  1. Well...it WAS on C-list for 14 days and TWO weekends and that is a pretty sweet price. I dunno...did just not notice it, or were you hemming and hawing about it? Something that unique...you gotta strike while the iron is hot. figure out what to do with it / how to afford it later! I feel for ya. I hate to miss something so good. I could author a whole another blog on all the cool stuff I've missed!

  2. Oh, my...that was a GREAT couch. I can see why you wanted it so badly and why you're so disappointed.

  3. Thanks for the sympathy guys. :) I saw it Monday, listed at $195. She didn't have it tagged as anything but "retro sofa and loveseat" which is my guess as to why it sat so long. I e-mailed about it Monday, in the morning when I saw it, and she got back to me later in the day, and pretty much immediately dropped the price to $150. Justin and I talked about it, and I asked for more photos since I thought it would help my case with Justin about why it would be worth the long drive and pain in the butt moving. Then she e-mailed me back Tuesday morning saying it had sold. Lame.