Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas-ing the house

Here's my dark-as-a-cave living room with our newly decorated Christmas tree! This is our first live one yet.
Our kitty, BooBoo is apparently not such a Christmas fan... She's doing that cat thing where she stares at the door expecting it to open any second. Magically.
The tree, closer up.
My vintage ornaments in a little dish in the book nook. These are the guys that I would be especially said if they broke.
My hodge podge collection of Christmas dishes! These are from my mom, part of my Christmas gift. They are all thrifted, and all adorable. The white is Termocrisa, a Mexican version of fire-king that was only around for a little while during the mid-century period. These are really cute. I had found some on eBay that I wanted, but just couldn't bring myself to follow through based on price and shipping, and then my mom found these at the thrift store! I'm hoping after Christmas I can find some leftovers around for better prices and round out my set for next year. Roxanne has already had hot chocolate out of one of the mugs. Perfect.
This is a vintage Swedish wall-hanging I found at a nearby Value Village. It was forty cents, and I love it.
This little set was my Grandma's. I remember it so fondly from her house. She always has the most wonderful Christmas decorations.
Christmas clutter. Festive! I put mini-ornaments on our plant. The Noel sign is another thrift store find I made recently. I think it was under two dollars, and I just love the graphics on it. The Coke Santa was my mom's, but his Coke bottle has disappeared somehow. Sorry Mom.
The stocking on the far left is mine from when I was little. My grandma made it for me. Now we use it for Roxanne.
Sorry, it was dark when I took these. And this is better than the flash version. Trust me.


  1. So cute! It's really neat that you have so many family decorations.

  2. Thank you both1
    Dana, I absolutely love the family decorations. I find that a lot of the things I buy thrifted for Christmas are things that remind me of family Christmas. Either they look like something from my grandparents' house or they just fit the feeling of it. I miss the days of spending the night at their house and waking up on Christmas morning for the big family celebration. Maybe that's why I have no ability to reign it in on the decorating... I already brought home another giant Goodwill grab bag with vintage decorations...

  3. Adriane, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. I'm so enjoying getting to know my new "blogging family," and I wish you the very best!

  4. Dana, that is so sweet! Thank you so much. I hope you have lovely holidays, too!