Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Spray Paint

First off, I have to show you Roxanne's recent "additions" to our decor. She's so driven to draw these "people," that they have started popping up all over the place...
Here's one on the credenza. I was doing my homework in my bedroom, and when I realized she was being too quiet, I found this. Fortunately, this is dry erase marker and wiped off easily. While she was having a time out, I snuck out and took pictures of her artwork. I mean, it's kind of awesome, right?
These two guys were drawn on the floor, right in front of the credenza. Like, the direct middle of the living room floor... She had more of them drawn on the floor under her work table, but I didn't photograph them. As I mentioned, the dry erase came off pretty easily. But we're working on impulse control...
So this table and desk were purchased at Goodwill. I think they were around $15, but I can't remember exactly. They were a little beat up and kind of an ugly wood color. I did a rather lazy job spraypainting them my favorite pumpkin orange, since I didn't prime or sand, just sprayed on lots of orange layers. But honestly, this furniture, while I think it looks neat with the shapes and lines, is not high quality. I don't think we'll have it in 10 years. Plus, she has colored on the chair and table with crayon so much that it won't come off, and still shows through the paint a little. Oh well. I like the color, and it's a nice fit for this corner. Her little Heyward Wakefield chairs and the other table that we were using here have migrated to the music room.
That picture on the wall is a recent drawing she did. I love these guys. This one is our family, although when I ask her who the fourth character is, she just insists that it's a "baby," but she doesn't know what baby. It's name is just "baby." Sigh. And again, no, I'm not pregnant. Eventually, I want to get some wood pants hangers and hang some more of her art up on the wall. I got the idea from an Apartment Therapy post. We'll see... Add it to the list of things to do.

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