Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let's step away from bad photography

I should post photos of the new desks (yes, plural DESKS) we got for the basement. My mom, who has a perfect eye for MCM, found them at her Goodwill. One, a neat little corner desk for the guest bedroom, was my birthday gift. The other is a giant beast that was partly my birthday gift and partly refunded by yours truly. Just to be technical. ;) The beast is in Justin's man room. It needs some love, so it's waiting patiently for me to do some sanding, cleaning, and oiling, but it's gorgeous. Oh, and one handle is broken, so I need to measure it and get one in the right size. But it's so so lovely, and so huge. Perfect for a man desk. When we were getting it into Justin's room down there, it wouldn't fit through the doorway, so we had to unscrew the legs (easy peasy) and in the process, discovered some treasures within... Well, not treasures. Behind one of the bottom drawers, we pulled out a tangle of two Chinese dragon statues (small) and a Chico's member card. For Bonnie Bonham. Sweet. The dragon statues were actually marked with a Goodwill price. I'm really curious about how they got jammed down there, and the Nancy Drew in me wonders if they are actually fancy, genuine Chinese relics that someone recognized, and hid until they could get back to buy them. But really, it was probably some jerk kid who found them on a shelf and stuck them in the desk to be a jerk. Either way, they are actually pretty neat. Photos soon. I can't deal with any flash photography tonight. It's late, and I spent the last two hours talking about Herman Melville and the Great White Whale. Grad school is fun, but it wears you out...

On a nicer note, I'm just putting up some inspiration photos that I'm in love with right now. Enjoy!

I'm smitten with the sectional Mr. Modtomic has featured on his blog. I wish I had the time and money to drive to New Orleans and buy it. Orange is slowly taking over my living room, and I need more. Immediately. I'm not stealing his photo, but I found some other orange beauties to post. I still would love a sectional in our living room (Justin actually admits that he thinks it would be a nice fit), and that one linked above set me off. None of these would actually work in my house, which is totally OK because none would ever be in my price range, but a girl can dream...
I know, I'm not cool enough, nor do I have a big enough house for this Ligne Roset sectional, but come on. Even though I used to think these things looked like weird intestinal tracts, I have come around to their charms. Look how comfy that looks! This set is from an Apartment Therapy Scavenger feature. Like most of those, it doesn't seem all that attainable even at the Craigslist price of $4000, but I guess for one of these, that's a steal. Whew...

I like this vinyl one, featured in the awesome blog Adventures in the Atomic Playhouse. But I can hear the sticky sound now as we tried to peel ourselves off of it in the Georgia summers. Gross. And come on, there isn't a sheepskin big enough to get me to curl up on vinyl on cold winter nights. Maybe if we had a fancy fireplace like they do...
I love this image, found via Style Carrot. Isn't that a magical set? Not exactly the most comfortable looking group, but who cares? I love that dark-dark-almost-red-orange color. It's similar to our Eames chairs. This one I would do in our house, but not all three pieces. And I do wish they had arms. And a higher back. OK, maybe I wouldn't do these...
This looks uncomfortable, but I still love it. It kind of reminds me of what Waffle House couches would look like if Waffle House had couches. But in a nice way. You could lay out on one after eating too much bacon the morning after binge drinking. I just grossed myself out. Found via Just a Modern Guy.

If you had this couch, would you ever get off of it? It's velvet. And fancy. And not vintage. It's by some super fancy designer I'm not fancy enough to know. But if you want one, go here. I'm pretty sure when the name of the furniture maker is Vladimir Kagan Couture, it's one of those things that would probably give me a small stroke if I knew the price. But I love looking at it... And that flokati. And the curtains.

I'm too tired to keep this up. You get the idea. I'd like a sectional. But in the mean time, we got lots of compliments on our new orange chair at our Halloween party on Saturday. BooBoo definitely agrees that it's fabulous. That cat is in it four hours a day. Better there than at the foot of the bed, where she tries to bite my toes through the blankets.

OK, even though I promised no bad photography, here's some photos from the house as it was all decorated for the Halloween party. We went cheap and mismatched. So don't judge. We couldn't afford all those fabulous Martha Stewart decorations at Michael's. Who knew Martha was so good with the spooky stuff, too?
Oh, this is where the Danish chairs are living for now. They are actually quite nice there. Out of the way, but accessible. And still oh-so-pretty.


  1. Your house looks great! You have done such a wonderful job with the furnishings, etc. One question: does the position of the Danish chairs block what lawyers call ingress and egress from hallway to living room?

  2. Thanks Jim! The chairs definitely block it, but weirdly, they don't feel like they are in the way. Even Justin agrees. And when we have people over, they get shifted around.