Monday, October 25, 2010

Music Room

Here's the music room with Justin and Roxanne having fun. It's not the prettiest spot in the house, but it's SO fun. The photo is awkward, since this room is so small, but you get the idea.
Here's Roxanne's cowboy couch, a gift from Mimi. We moved this small expedit into here so we still have four bins of toy storage.
Just to explain, my daughter wears socks on her hands and feet not because we are weird germaphobes, but because she likes to pretend she's a kitty, and she calls these "kitty paws." She's eccentric.
Our kitty BooBoo likes the sheepskin on the new orange chair. Probably because she knows she looks so pretty on it...
Ugh. Flash photography is the worst. But I just wanted to show off the orangey collage here. So cozy.

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  1. Oh my god, your comments about Roxanne's socks on her hands had me doing belly-laughs. I just can't wait to see you guys.