Sunday, December 6, 2009

Themed decorating... Yippee!

So, the first set of photos are the most recent. I did our Christmas decorating today. That's what those are. The second set are from the baby shower we hosted for my friend Sarah on Saturday. It was a vintage themed baby shower with boys and girls allowed, so I tried to keep it fairly low-key.
My Grandma also passed along this cute little tree. I have some vintage ornaments she gave me on it. They look gorgeous.
My very favorite Christmas presents under our silly little window tree.
My Grandma and Grandpa dropped off this fabulous white wreath for me yesterday. It has lights on it, but there is no plug to be found.
Our sad front lawn, but look at our pretty new roof!
Garland from Grandma!
The guest of honor. Miss Sarah and baby Rosalie.
My attempt at making a vintage looking banner using vintage gift wrap and ribbon... I think it's cute, but a little holly hobby.
The table I set up. We really need some serious serving dishes. But I do love the fat chef man my mom gave me for onion dip... Adorable!
My weird baby lamp/mobile. I couldn't figure out what else to do with this adorable vintage baby wrapping paper...
This is my first attempt at throwing a real party for someone. So I think I did OK. :) But I have a lot to learn...

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