Sunday, December 20, 2009

All to avoid the Wassily

Justin picked up this print for our "dining room" at Kudzu Antiques. I think it's so cute! Click on the image to make it bigger if you can't see the little rocket man. Or to get a better look at that delicious corn dog.
Roxanne's crib and new Circo decals. I really want to get her the bed in a bag that comes with this set, but it's all twin-sized, and it will probably be a few years before she is into a twin bed. And like Justin pointed out, who knows what we will want for her room then, or if she will force us to let her pick it out. Sigh. He's right. But I did buy the owl bank (on her dresser) and the owl pillow that goes with the set. So cute.
Roxanne "helped" me put these up. She keeps telling me how much she loves them, and she points to each animal and names what it is. She says her favorite is the hedge hog.
Roxanne's room is almost totally done now. We finally moved that nasty futon out, so it feels huge in there now. These are the paintings my sister did for Roxanne. They really look so cute with the decals.
I finished this spot of the wall today. The cut outs were my mom's as a child, and I think they are perfect. The frame is something I bought at Target back when I was pregnant, but I painted it the same pink as the dark pink of Roxanne's dresser and put pictures in it from the Golden Book Little Red Hen. The text of that story is kind of boring, but the characters are so cute! I love the duck in his soldier's uniform.
Here's the dresser, all done and pretty. And I moved the yellow doggy chair into Roxanne's room for her "reading chair." In this photo, she is actively destroying her Yo Gabba Gabba Halloween book. She kept saying "I tear up Foofa." To all that don't know, Foofa is the pink flowery thing on Yo Gabba Gabba. Sorry Miss Foofa. By the time I got to you, you were already headless.
Our newly staged credenza. Justin found the lamp and print at Kudzu, also. We have been wanting this print for a good two years or so. We have no idea what it's for, but it's just so awesome! And my Pittsburgh steel mill picture got relegated to the hallway. Justin really wanted this picture over the credenza, but I said it was too small. Then my mom suggested getting a big lamp to offset it, and voila! I think the end result is nice! My favorite is the lamp shade. Well played hubby.
And, as another appeasement trick, Justin got a Bertoia chair for the living room. He has been hearing me talk about how much I wanted a pair for few months now, and so he bought this one for me. This is what happens when you let a man with the "holiday spirit" and a credit card loose in a good antique shop. At least we got our Obama check in the mail last week. Most of that goes to the fridge and the new roof. But now the last of it is spoken for as well. But at least I got my Bertoia! Thanks first time homebuyer tax credit! Now we need a second Bertoia though. You can't have just one. But it will probably be tough to find one that matches this one, since it has the white seat and chrome base. Some day I'll make some cool seat cushions for them. Once we have two. Lovely.

Lastly, I have to tell you about my Wassily. I found a Wassily style chair at Goodwill for $12 a couple of weeks ago. I LOVE it. It's a dark brown suede, although the suede is hard and dirty, like maybe someone left it outside on a rainy day or something... But overall, it's in great shape. I'm thinking it's from the 70's, but only because I found a listing for one that looked exactly like it on eBay and it said it was from the 70's. It's so hard to date knock-offs... In any case, Justin hates it so much that he bought the Bertoia and moved my Wassily into the basement. He thinks the Wassily looks like a 1980's office chair and is "too dirty." Sigh. I'm going to find some suede cleaner, shine up the chrome, and put that bad boy back into the living room. It's a Wassily! It was designed in 1925! How can it look like a 1980's office chair? I mean, it kind of does, but since you know it isn't, it shouldn't. Right? Even if I clean it up and resell it, I'll probably do alright. I mean, buying it for $12 makes it easier to turn a profit. But I like it. So there.


  1. I have to agree with Justin on the Wassily, but it's only because I used to see this doctor regularly and I would spend the entire time I was in his office fixated on his Wassily chair, trying to figure out its lines. So I associate those chairs with the smell of a doctors office and the feeling of confusion. That's just me. But that Bertoia chair is rad!

  2. Yes, it definitely seems like the Wassily chairs were mainly used in offices and doctors offices. Oh well. I'm glad you like the Bertoia though. I LOVE them. The Bertoia diamond chairs are even more fabulous (ie, crazy expensive) but I'm good with this one for now. I just really want to find another one.