Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Technical Difficulties

We are having plumbing problems. Ick. The left side of our sink is clogged, and seems somehow related to the fact that our dishwasher isn't really working, and when it does, it leaks, and it smells like something died in it. For now, Justin balled up my childhood Betty Boop beach towel and put it under the dishwasher and we're just sort of carrying on and ignoring it, but my dad says we probably have a clog in there somewhere. We'll get to it eventually. We also haven't gotten the hall light fixed, despite my best efforts. At least I put the new fixture in, so even though it doesn't work, it doesn't look like a big black hole with wires hanging out of it. I think maybe I didn't install the new wall switch correctly, and that's why it isn't working. But I don't know.

In other news, Justin is working on creating his own music studio in the basement. He got a new iMac so that he can use it for recording, etc., and have all of his music equipment in one space. We'll be broke for like a year, but when he explained to me that he and Roxanne could record songs together, how could I say no? She loves loves loves playing music with him in the basement and dancing all over the place. She'll tell him, "let's go play music downstairs Dada" and then pull him towards the basement stairs. Irresistible.

I'm kicking myself for not buying a super cute bookshelf from Goodwill last week. It was only $14 and would have been perfect for Roxanne's room, but I would have had to paint it, and I just couldn't decide if it would be worth it. When I went back for it, it was gone. Of course. I did find some gorgeous dinner plates that were around $5 for four, but now I'm realizing that they are going to be hard to get more of. I'm thinking of trying to find a way to just use them as display. They are really pretty, and when I did a little research on them, it looks they were originally sold door to door. How cool is that? I just like the design on them, and the colors are perfect, aqua, yellow and grays with a lovely silver edge. I'll keep an eye out for more, even though there are some on Ebay right now for cheap, the shipping is outrageous. I think I'll try and stick with Replacements. I'm just disappointed that it looks like they only have the plates in that pattern. It would be awesome to have a full set in them.

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