Friday, December 4, 2009

This and that (opinions requested)

I found this fabulous table today at a Goodwill in Tucker. It's not marked anywhere, but I feel fairly sure it's vintage... It's really really heavy. And I really like the legs. I have been looking for a small table for the play room to put some of Roxanne's Weeble toys on, and this seemed ideal. I just really thought about it long and hard because it was $10, which seemed too much for Goodwill, but I finally gave in. I could probably spend about the same on a table at IKEA, and this one is pretty sturdy. And it's the perfect height for Roxanne.

This shelf I'm just not sure I have done well. I love the Dundee jars from my Grandma. I also love the recipe books and recipe box way up top, but the proportions are just a mess. I have so much to learn about staging...

My current styling of one of the kitchen shelving sides. I think I like it. The red topped glass pieces are from my Grandma, and they are adorable. They sit a super cute wire rack, but it doesn't fit on the shelf, so I split them up. The milk jug is from my mom. Isn't it awesome?
Another one of those "bain of my existence" things in the house. The stupid space over the kitchen sink. I took down that scrolly piece of laminate that was covering the awful light fixture, because it just really looked 80's and country kitchen. But then, I realized that the light fixture literally has a cord that just runs into the wall. So I have to figure out how to get it out. Then you can see where we used some special (*expensive*) paint to cover up the ivy tiles you can see in an old post. Um, it just looks like goopy puffy paint or something. A friend recently introduced me to "tile stickers," and I think we will be ordering soon. If they really are opaque like they say they are, then we are SOLD.
Close up of the cluttered bar top. Oh. That stocking isn't supposed to be there. Pretend it's not. But yeah, I've been trying to figure out what to leave and what to take away, so for now it's just all junked up.
I just wanted to show a nice close up of my favorite painting ever. I bought this paint by number at Last Chance Thrift Store for $10. I really really really had a hard time paying so much for it. I even left it once and then came back for it. Now, I'm glad I did. I saw a similar one for $45 at an antique shop nearby... What?
The current, cluttered incarnation of the bar. Do you see what I mean about the shape and the color of the table repeating the credenza a little too much? It's such a pretty table though (thanks Susan!) so we will definitely leave it indefinitely. I think I just need to figure out how to make it less overcrowded in there. Justin added his Soviet dictator nesting dolls and Soviet rocket toy up at the top. They really look nice next to my antique British-y volumes. We are so high class.
So, this picture is a point of contention for me and Justin. I bought it without him seeing it and swore to him up and down that he would think it was fabulous. Um. He hates it. He says it's depressing. I LOVE it. It's an actual photo of a Pittsburgh steel mine. The dealer who was selling it (at Decatur Estate and Wayback Antiques) said he bought it from the president of the steel mill. And sure enough, the shipping label on the back has his name and the address of the steel mill. That tidbit is woefully boring, but somehow I think it's really cool. I just think it's a really dirty, urban, and cool image and it makes our house look more high brow. Is anyone out there on my side? Oh, and I tried to include a bit of the credenza for scale. This thing is HUGE.


  1. I have a vintage photograph fight going on with my boyfriend, too. He has this creepy photo of all the office employees from some pulley company in Indiana circa 1920 hanging in our dining room. I am not a fan. But I think your picture is cool! Here's my suggestion - use some fabric or paper to make a mat and put it into the frame. It will make it a little funkier and downplay it's sepia-ness. Maybe something with some aqua and red and ivory?

  2. I have to say, the office photograph sounds kind of awesome, too. But I'm glad you like my picture! If you get really close, you can see the little cars and people and storefronts. The frame itself is kind of beat-black, and I think that's partly why Justin thinks it's depressing. So a mat is a really good idea! I had thought about painting the frame itself a high gloss red to try and brighten it, but that's a scary step that you can't take back... So a mat is a good idea. I think I might try red. Also, aqua, red and ivory were our wedding colors. Spooky!