Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trying to Wrap Things Up...

I've been working on the baby's room this weekend again. I still have to work schoolwork, but this has been a nice distraction. I've got two more weeks of school, and one big paper left. Ugh. I'm about half done with it, but still. The baby's room is almost done, we just still need to purchase and assemble the crib. We're hoping August will be the month for that. I've been keeping an eye out for second hand cribs, that are SAFE, and not drop-side, etc., but most consignment stores won't carry any cribs at all anymore because of all of the new regulations. I've been calling around, and the consignment stores all tell me the same thing. Maybe it's just meant to be. I know we'll feel better having a new crib, and the IKEA crib isn't that much more than a second hand one anyways. Sometimes I am just very very thankful that we have IKEA as an option. The only other cribs in that price range are the portable folding cribs which really aren't very sturdy and most babies age out of within nine months or so. Um, sorry for rambling. Here's some photos of how things look right now.
Here's the view from the doorway. As usual, dark photos. Sorry! But, as you can see, I hung the curtains higher. I bought a double rod from Target (one of the super cheap white ones) and I think it makes a nice difference.
Here's my pouf! Finally done! It's got a twin-size white comforter in it that my mom handed down for the cause. It's lumpy, and I know I could have stuffed more in it to fill it out, but I was worried about having a lot of white showing through the stitches, and I also didn't want it super stiff. Roxanne likes to sit on it, so maybe it will become a nice bean bag type chair for her to sit on in here when she's visiting with the baby. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the project though. I love the color and the texture.
I hung some basic taupe curtains we had left over from our old apartment in this closet. They are on a tension rod inside the closet doors. They aren't a perfect match, but they are neutral enough to work for now. Justin hopes that once we get things de-cluttered in the closet, we can just leave it with no curtain, but I'm thinking it would be nice to keep at least one panel on this side to cover the giant utility box thing that seems to be part of the HVAC system (and is currently hidden behind the curtain). Oh, and I turned on the mushroom lights for the picture. I love them!
Another shot of the pouf/chair combo.
Cozy. :)
Not much new here, but that brown box behind the changing pad. It's perfect! My mom found it at TJ Maxx, and it's a SkipHop tote. It folds up really easily, but I love it where it is. It's currently full of baby soap, and wipes and pacifiers, etc.
I need to hang this somewhere. I'm not positive where yet. My mom found it at the thrift store for about $2, and I think it's so cute. It picks up a lot of the colors we have in here, and it still works! It's petite, so I'm just trying to find a spot where it won't get lost. Oh, and I love how it picks up the mosaic on the side table I have.
I added these square shelves here next to the Charley Harper puzzle, and filled them with goodies. I know it still looks kind of weird, but I moved the glider and table there to see how it works, and it looks much much better. But I'm not going to move them there permanently until the crib comes in.
Here's a close-up of the shelves. These were thrifted a while ago and I had them in me and Justin's room. But I really wanted a little place to display some vintage toys and photos. The two white frames are from IKEA and are reversible. I put a different picture on each side, so we can turn them back and forth for variety's sake.
Hello dark and scary photo... This is just to show the curtains a little better. I'm not crazy about the white metal rod that is so plainly visible, but at least it somewhat blends with the white sheers in person. It's not quite as "sore thumb" as it is in the photo. Honest. :)

So I'm close to done in here. I need to make the mobile as my next DIY project. I bought an embroidery hoop, and my idea is to use felted balls to hang from them. I'm torn between buying wool and doing some DIY felted balls or just ordering some on Etsy. I found a seller who has a set that are subtle gradations of orange and yellow that I think would be adorable.


  1. The pouf looks great! I love the turquoise and brown and red together, and I love the idea of a mobile made out of felted balls. What a cute idea!

  2. Thanks Dana! I got the mobile idea from Pinterest, my newest obsession... There are so many great DIY projects on there!

  3. Love the room and the fact that it's not your typical nursery. Great job on the pouf; I started making one in June, but sadly it still awaits me in the closet.