Saturday, March 12, 2011

A New (Old) Chair

Ever since I found out I was pregnant with baby number 2, I've been obsessing about getting a new glider or rocking chair. I've combed Craigslist constantly and looked new, but everything is either too expensive or too granny. Today, on the way to my cousin's baby shower, my step-mom and I stopped at an antique mall out in the country. I should point out, we were early, so we didn't miss the baby shower for it. I'm not that bad... There was a consignment section of the antique mall, where the furniture was marked with a price, but for every month that the item had been there, it would marked down 10%. This chair was marked $85 but had been there for a full year, so I got it for a total of $45 (they max the discount out at 50% which I understand... I guess...). The chair has great bones, and while it's not a glider, or rocker, it kind of bounces. If you have your feet up on a short stool (which I now have to hunt out the perfect one) it rocks nicely. It has springs on the underside attached to the base.
You can see the legs need a little love, but they look they will clean up nicely when and if I get around to it. The upholstery is kind of on the icky side, but it's really not that bad. We can live with it until we win the lottery and get it re-upholstered.
Look at the profile! I've never seen such a modern looking granny chair!
Here's a close-up on one of the arms. The upholstery has kind of split from the staples, and I feel like the upholstery job on the chair overall is not great. But again, it's got good bones, and will be worth it to use as-is and eventually get it fixed up when we can afford it. It's not something that screams "BABY" so I think we could even have it in the living room once it's done with baby duty. I'm very excited though!
Here's a rough spot on the back. It looks like a cat got to it. For a few years... But face it to the back and it will be fine!
Speaking of backs, here it is! I wish I could do these upholstery jobs myself. I just don't know that I have the right skill-set or tools. If anyone has guesstimates on the price of getting a piece like this re-upholstered (or a good online DIY tutorial for me to follow along with and do it myself) I'm all ears! My dream fabric would be a bright happy Marimekko print. Budget-wise, we might try for some IKEA upholstery weight fabric.
Here's a close up of the fabric. I kind of love it, but it really is pretty worn, and like I said, I think it was kind of a cheapy job to start with. I plan to use orange in the baby's room (gender neutral, just like we need!) so I think it will work well.


  1. Oh, wow, you're right...It has a great profile. I love it! Before my first grandson was born, I thought I HAD to have a glider rocker, so I went out and bought a $600 new one. As it turned out, he never really liked to be rocked. Instead, he liked a chair that bounced. You made a lot smarter choice than I did!

  2. What a great chair! I bet the new babe on the way will love it. I have a chair almost identical to yours except the arms on mine are not upholstered. I picked it up at a thrift store for $20.00. It had the most horrid velveteen upholstery with huge pheasants on it. The sad part was that it looked like brand new upholstery. I had it re-upholstered for $200.00. I provided the fabric. For awesome mid century and other fabrics I always check out before I look anywhere else. Their prices are unbelievable and they sell "remnants" up to 11 yards. You can also order up to 12 swatches of fabric for free :)

  3. Congrats on an awesome find (and price)! I love the square shape. It's so atomic and fabulous! Jealous a little ;)

  4. I love the chair!! The design and colors are beautiful. I would surely move it into the living room after baby is old enough not to need it.

  5. Dana, I swear most baby stuff is like that. You get convinced you need something and then it ends up not being all that important... We have a glider for Roxanne, but it has been through 3 kids already and it's white with denim cushions. It's SUPER squeaky and we can't seem to fix the issue. Annoying...
    Krazy4Mod, that is so helpful! I was thinking it might be around $200, so that's really good to know. Pheasants? Really? Yikes. I looked at that website and it seems really great. Thanks so much!
    Rhan, thanks so much! I think if we can put some love into it, it will be even better. We just have to wait for the budget...
    Vintage Coconut, thanks! We have it in the living room now (the baby's room is still my daughter's playroom for now) and I'm starting to want to leave it in there... I mean, it would be nice to have a baby-friendly chair in the living room so I didn't have to go off on my own every time I needed to nurse, etc. Can you tell I'm justifying? It's just almost the same size as the other lonely orange arm chair we have in the living room, and the pair look like mom and dad chairs (albeit mid-century sized, not today's standards) and they're kind of adorable as a couple. We'll see...