Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Mom's Fantastic Eye

So, my mom has been collecting vintage goodies for the past few months in the hopes of opening a booth sometime soon. She's got quite an inventory built up, and will hopefully start looking more into booth rental in the next few months. In the mean time, I asked if I could do a post about some of her goodies! These photos were taken by my step-dad, and show how she has styled different vignettes to display everything. Keep in mind, these are taken in the garage, but I think they look amazing! I already told her I'm going to sneak in once she opens her booth and buy some of my favorites. All of these finds were either thrifted or from estate sales. I'm pointing out which things I'm proud to have helped find, but almost everything was found by my mom and her fantastic taste. She has more than what is pictured, and I assure you it's all awesome. I'm putting in small photos, but you can click to enlarge.
Here's the "warm colors" set. This hutch was something I actually found on CL, and it was not listed in any way as being MCM or even vintage, I don't think. I called my mom and freaked out and told her to go get it. I think it was around $100, and it's in amazing condition. It's Drexel, and it actually lights up in the glass part. Gorgeous.
I love all of the autumn plates and the planter's clock together. I saw that planter's clock in the photos advertising an estate sale, and when my mom ended up going, she bought it. I think it's really cool. It tells you when to plant what.
I love this little bentwood chair. Especially the arms. It's in great condition.
This pillow/rocker is something I covet for our baby's new room, but my mom assures me that the rocker is really not very comfortable. I think maybe it's small. But I'm thinking toss a sheepskin in there and call it a day...? But don't worry, I'll get it fair and square once it hits the booth floor. I don't want any of those awkward, "stop taking all my inventory for free" situations. :)
Look at these colors! Love it!
I love this teapot, and sugar bowl. The water pitcher is so graceful.
Who could resist this little set? Here's what it looks like when the hutch is lit. It's like disco dishes. But more elegant.
The cool colors set! This table and chairs set folds, and is in amazing condition.
I love these glasses and carafes. I especially love the way she put them together like these. I think she's got a great eye for staging. Way way better than mine.
Don't these all look so pretty together?
I LOVE these little glasses.
And this china is so cool.
Is there anything not cool about this set? I love the lamps, and don't even get me started on that white stool.
I don't know how she knows so well that these glasses work well altogether and with the other things from this vignette, but it so does. I feel like all of her vignettes could just move into a room together and make that room perfect.
I love this color palette. And that print... Don't even get me started.
Yes, please. The louvered cabinet behind the wicker beauty is from an estate sale. At first, my mom and I were both convinced that someone had painted it. But after some research, it seems like it probably actually came in that color. I love the handles.
Last but not least, I think this looks like the cutest little "diner" vignette. That chair is darling.
Aren't these apple canisters adorable? I love the coffee tray back there, too.
Penguins. So cute.
I dream of someday having a kitchen big enough to display some cute metal canisters. I have an Everedy set that is awesome,but I love the look of these brushed metal ones, too.
OK, this is a special entry, and if anyone has any information about this piece, we'd both love to hear it. This is a gorgeous (and huge) watercolor. It's an original, and is signed (and has a watermark that we can't read).
Here's the signature (and the watermark is to the left). We thought maybe it was by Charles Hopkinson, but it looks to say "H.C. Hopkinson," which doesn't really match up with Charles. And when you look at other examples of Charles Hopkinson's signature, they don't really match up. Either way, it's a lovely painting.

Hope you enjoyed! And for the record, my mom reads my blog, so please feel free to tell her that she's wonderful! :)


  1. WOW!! Your Mom has "it". This is a fantastic collection for her booth. If I lived closer, I would snatch up the hutch / china cabinet and lots of other gorgeous pieces. I wish her great success and have no doubt she will be "rolling in the dough". Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Oh, my goodness...your mom has some GREAT things! I just about came unglued when I scrolled down to that teapot and sugar bowl. You'd better be her first customer and snag those. I think she will do great in a booth!

  3. Krazy4Mod: Thanks for the nice comment! I'm sure she'll definitely appreciate the notion that she'll be able to turn a profit! I can't wait until she's up and running, too. I might toss in some pieces from around my house...
    Dana: Thanks, lady! Isn't that gorgeous?! I love the shape. I think she'll do great, too, but it's so nice to hear it from professionals like yourself! I think she wants to try and get some more big pieces of furniture (although she has more than what is pictured) before applying to a place. I know it's nerve-wracking to get started, but I really think she'll do great and love it once she does. She really has a great eye. We come from a family of collectors, and we've all spent lots of time in antique shops and flea markets, etc. Good luck with your new store, too! I can't wait to read about it.

  4. Wow such great stuff! There is so much stuff there I would buy had I stumbled across it in a thrift shop!

  5. Vintage Coconut: Thanks so much! Thanks for stopping by and for appreciating my mom's fabulous finds. I couldn't agree more. :)

  6. WOW, this is so much fun -- your mom DOES have a great eye!!!

  7. Pam, thanks so much for stopping by! She'll be very flattered to see such kind comments from you all! The awesome part? She's been thrifting pieces here and there for the new baby's room. I can't wait to start putting it all together.

  8. Your mom has some great stuff - and I love the way everything is styled! She should do well with a booth. I think my favorite item is that brilliant blue bottle sitting on the hutch.

  9. Vintage Hunter, thanks so much! I think she has a great eye, too, but I'm biased... :) I love that bottle. Recently, she gave me free rein to take anything home, and it was REALLY tough to only leave with a couple of things.

  10. H.C. Hopkinson is my mother she painted in west chester Pa and trained with Jamie and Andrew Wyeth at the chadsford gallery

    1. Dear anonymous,

      I too have one of your Mothers paintings, I am trying to find out all i can about it and her as well as the value
      Thanx.. Please email me @