Friday, February 25, 2011

Other vantage points

Here are some more photos from other angles of the house right after it was finished. It shows more of the enormous size of the flowerbed that is now half covered in bermudagrass. Also, you can't see it, but to the right of the driveway is all flowerbed. It's only a few feet between our driveway and the neighbors busted chain link fence, but it's probably the worst looking patch of flowerbed. It has some more knock-out rosebushes and some more camellias, but other than that it's pretty just weeds and grass now. Oops.

My sister watering the lawn; isn't she sweet?! As you can see, the flowerbed curves around and widens again as it hits the street. It's really a pretty big area.
This was taken the day of the reveal, and I feel like the plants already look hot and uncomfortable. It was late summer, so I'm not sure it was an ideal time to be planting these, but again, what do I know? Maybe I should have asked for gravel and succulents only. Maybe if we didn't live in Georgia... Or if anyone had asked my opinion. :) When the water main broke and flooded our basement, this raised bed in concrete was SO flooded. It was gushing over into the driveway. I will say that the contractors replaced the water main and fixed most of what we asked them to in the basement. But holy cow, I never want to deal with that again.

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