Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A visit from the thrift fairy (a.k.a., Nana)

So, my mom came down last night for a visit and brought lots of vintage goodies from her recent thrifting endeavors (yes, I come by this naturally). They are my early Christmas presents, and I couldn't be happier. I'm not including everything in this post, but I'll update soon. I also need to update on some estate sale finds we made last Saturday, but I don't have any photos at the moment, so it will wait.
I'm really starting to like the living room. I think it's heading in the right direction... Roxanne likes it, too. It's the perfect venue for arranging her "guys" and having elaborate story lines for their activities. Right here, they are having a party. But anyways, new things in the room include the rug under the coffee table. My mom picked it up for $6, and I think it adds a nice texture to the room, and grounds the table. I'm not 200% sold on it yet, but I think it's a keeper.
Another view of the rug/table/couch trifecta.
Curtain/rug interaction can be seen here. I kind of like the contrast.
Thrifted Christmas items on the credenza. Love the plastic holly with flocked bears. My mom found it. So cute. The yellow planter I found a few months ago. It's lovely, and stamped "Italy" on the bottom.
Closer view.
This is one of my favorite things she found. It's a Dansk crystal angel. I'm not usually a fan of crystal, but this is just lovely. She picked it up for a cool $4, and it's listed on Replacements for over $100. It's part of a nativity set, which of course, now I'm obsessed with collecting. I'm just planning to keep an eye on eBay and thrift shops to see if any of it comes up for cheap. I can't afford the Replacements prices.
And of course, this Coronet Super 12. I love love love it. What English nerd wouldn't? It looks so pretty with the wall color, too. I love the shape of the keys. I don't think I'll be typing any novels on it soon, but it's fun to look at.


  1. Your living room looks great! Mom did good. Nice job on your curtains and the wall color is so calming and peaceful.

  2. Thanks! That is such a nice thing to say. :) We were already getting kind of sick of the living room wall color. But the new curtains have definitely made us like it again.

  3. Love your lamp!!! Your living room looks great! Great job on your moms fines shes did good!