Saturday, October 9, 2010


This morning, my mom called me from a yard sale in Alpharetta. She had found this super cute orange chair for only $20! She sent a photo text of it and asked if I thought it might work for us. I immediately told her it was perfect. And it is! The only drawback is that the foam inside is deteriorating, so it's really dusty. But for $20, we'll keep it until we can afford to get it reupholstered and filled with new foam. It shouldn't be that much on such a sweet little chair, and I'll have time to search for some perfect fabric. I'd like to stick with this dark orange color though. Maybe a boucle. Nubby and soft.
One of my other favorite thrift finds this week. Roxanne LOVES it. It's a Schyller Baby Grand, and they retail for around $130 or so. It's missing the sheet music and the little stickers for the keys, but it's in great shape, sounds amazing, and Roxanne loves it. I paid $35, which felt like a lot, but Roxanne's Grandma Lilly had sent a $25 check for us to pick something out for her, so I felt like this was perfect, and I could justify $10 of our money for it. In the background, you can see I was working on the table last night...
Here it is all sanded and ready to be cleaned. I realized during the sanding that some of the stains were just too dark to be sanded out, and that this table probably does have a veneer top. There's a fairly small issue with the veneer on one end, where it has warped/bubbled a little, but it's hard to notice now. I figure I'll just put a coffee table book over it and call it a day.

The dream chair, and the table after it's first coat of Danish Teak Oil. I followed the directions from the tutorial on working on vintage wood furniture on The Brick House. So helpful! I love that blog...

Here is the table as it is now! Three coats of teak oil... She was thirsty. I haven't waxed it yet, but I will tomorrow once the oil is completely dry. Already, it looks so much better, and the damage just gives it character.
Beautiful! I went ahead and cleaned and oiled the Danish chairs, too. The wood on these and the wood of the table are a very close match. Also, Murphy's Oil Soap might be my favorite smell ever.
I'm not sure if I'll keep these Danish chairs, but I feel like with the chair and the table, the room looks much more finished now. More like a real room.
View from the hall (yeah, I left in the mess). The vinyl seat chairs are going back down to the basement. I just had a headache from all the teak oil and didn't feel like doing it today... Oh, and the hutch has my pom poms I'm working on for Halloween decorations on top. I realize they look weird up there... I'm planning to arrange them better soon.
Another view.
Jeepers, my photos are the worst lit EVER. Sorry.
Standing by the dining room table. Like I said, I'm not sure if I'll keep the rope chairs there. It's a little cramped. I just love how they look with the table, so I hate to take them out altogether. Suggestions on where to put them are welcome!


  1. Great Job! The table looks sweet. Don't you just love rescuing a lovely piece like that. I've got a few pieces that need the love too. I saw the "Brick House" post on AT. Such a great subject. I'm hoping they'll do one on veneer repair / replacement some day.

    The rope chairs are beautiful. Are they marked Made In Yugoslavia? They look a lot like a rope rocking chair I had for a while. But alas, they are dining chairs and look a little weird pushed up to a coffee table. I'd either use them with a small drop leaf Breakfast Table in the kitchen or store / sell one and use the other with a Danish Modern Desk. Plus I just picked up the PERFECT desk to match with it this afternoon. So, you could just, I don't know...send me the other one!

    P.S. What's up with your front door (I'm sure you've posted something about it, but I'm all lazy today.).

  2. Thanks! I do love rescue projects. They are so fulfilling. And I totally agree about veneer repair. All I ever read about that is "take it to a professional." Right. That sounds affordable...

    The chairs are actually marked "Made in Denmark." At this point, I'm leaning toward selling them. We just don't have room for them to be used as dining chairs anywhere, and I can't make them work in the living room. I figure if I sold them, maybe I would make enough to put toward some of the other projects we don't have funds for... Your ideas are great, thanks! I'm just not sure which venue I'd choose to sell them, or how much to ask...

    The front door, is pretty out there, right? When our house was redone on "Curb Appeal: The Block," we told them we liked mid-century modern. The door is supposed to pick up on that, as well as match the wood used on the railing (that fancy ipe wood). It's our old door, but covered in a sheet of thin plywood, painted, and with the giant wood handle attached. It's weird, but we like it. And it's not like we were really allowed much input, so it's easier to decide you like things. :) And seriously, it is neat in person.

  3. wow, i'm now inspired to pick up some of the cool/damaged furniture i've seen at ReStore lately. you did such a great job!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Bandita! And I'm glad you like the table. I'm so proud of it! It's my first wood restoration project. It's surprisingly painless... Of course, I still think maybe someday we'll take it to a professional and get the veneer fixed, but it really looks great. Take on some projects! I love the ReStore. Good luck.

  5. Oh I just love your before and after photos. That table turned out so beautiful!