Monday, October 11, 2010

Basement Photos

So, we did lots of hard work this weekend, and we are getting ever closer to getting the basement bedrooms done. The guest bedroom is the first set of photos. It's not totally done yet, but it's getting much better! And please keep in mind that it's mostly being done with odds and ends we are pulling together from other parts of the house and/or leftovers. Photos are tough because the room is so small, but you get the idea.
Standing in the corner looking at the door of the guest bedroom. See the pretty wall color? And the pretty floor color? We are washing the sheets/duvet for this room. Red flannel sheets and a white duvet cover with a fairly traditional red floral pattern on it. It's from IKEA, and definitely not our usual taste, but it looks comfortable, and that's what we are going for.
New pillows! And this is a big map... mainly being used to cover up the holes in the wall where I took down a wall shelf that seriously wouldn't fit in this teensy room.
The little closet with the cute little puppy picture I've been dragging around for years.
A messy bed.
My favorite little corner. I've been collecting these thrifted pictures that are different types of needlework. My mom found a few of them, too. I love them! The curtains look weird, I know. But I had the blue velvet, which are great at blocking the cold air from the old windows (two) in this little room. But I only had two panels (I bought them in the as-is section of IKEA years ago). I think the addition of the white panel looks better than when it was just one blue per window. We just need the warmth of the velvet curtains, but I can't pay $120 to buy four new velvet panels for in here. We found this super comfy rug at IKEA.
I love these bird prints, but Justin doesn't. They are from my family, and I am so glad to use them somewhere.
Justin's man room with the paint all touched up. Again, this white floor paint is a Drylok concrete floor paint. It's wonderful.
This is the only window in the man room. We found perfect curtains at IKEA. Coming soon...
The closet in the man room. One of the bi-fold doors is down right now. I think Justin hates those doors...


  1. Looking good! I just love old needlepoint art as well, it has so much character. I only wish I had more walls :)

  2. I love the paint colors--and can't believe how different these basement rooms look after all your hard work. Great job! I'm looking forward to trying out the guest room.

    We have bi-fold doors all over our house and I kind of hate them too--they either seem to be always going off track or pinching me or something. . . .

  3. Thanks Leah! I love it, too. It makes me so sad to see these hand-made little gems that have been tossed aside. One of mine even has a little note on the back written from the "artist" to her parents, wishing them luck. How sad! I'm glad to give it a good home. :)

    Jim, thanks! We are so excited for you guys to come stay! I wish I had some "before" photos from when the walls were purple and the floors were covered in the most god-awful cheap, stained, berber carpet that was glued directly to the floor... Ew. I'm so proud of how much we were able to do on our own.

  4. All looks great! I can tell how hard you have been working, it really shows. Idea for the bi-fold doors -- take them down and replace with hanging beads or a thin, funky curtain.

  5. I found your blog through mr. modtomic, and saw your response to his question about your front door. I am just now watching that episode! how funny. Your place looks great!