Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Directions

Isn't that the name of a dance and or singing troupe from some kind of comedy show? I can't remember. But it signifies nicely my new hopes for my house blog. I try to keep up with my other blog, which is all about the fam, but I've been sorely lagging on this house blog, since I feel like it has to be strictly relating to house progress. But there just isn't much noteworthy going on over here. We got a new (used) dishwasher from my Dad, which is insanely wonderful and beautiful (a stainless Bosch) that essentially makes the rest of the kitchen look even worse than it did before. The kitchen is so appalling right now. I don't even want to be in it. Not having a functioning dishwasher for over a month in a busy family is basically a long-term sentence to having crusty dishes pile up. On the up side, we now have a dilapidated dishwasher in the backyard, which to me lets the neighbors know that we are high class. For real.

Um, I'm off track already. My point was that I think I'll just blur the lines a little with the house blog and post about general topics in terms of the house. And things house related. Basically, the stuff I want to write about that doesn't need to go in the family blog to be read by my daughter when she's old enough to read. So, I'll do maybe some of that thing where I post images of things on other design blogs that are lovely. I've tried not to do that since it usually just makes me feel depressed about the current state of my house, but e-mailing myself links to design articles I like is also stupid. I never remember to go back and look at them... At least this way I would have to go out of my way to not look at them.

Since we found out about the Curb Appeal thing, I've been wanting to get the inside of the house up to par, since it might end up having glimpses on TV. Ah! Here are some of my most pressing issues:
1. The ceiling in the living room needs to be addressed. It's still peeled back from the old leak. And in the dining area it is discolored. There is no more leakage, and I bought the spray on ceiling texture, I just need to use it. Ugh.
2. I need to finish my Eames chairs and get the dining area mostly done. I found this little owl napkin holder at the Last Chance Thrift Store a couple of weeks ago. I know it's really kitschy, but it was a dollar and I love owls. I had a 70's owl light switch plate when I was a kid (courtesy of my awesome mom helping me adorn my bedroom in 70's decor, even though it was the 90's). So I'm not just trendy. I'm continuing a personal affection that just happens to be trendy.

3. I am not happy with the furniture placement in the living room. The couch and credenza are pretty much stuck, but I can't seem to get a chair arrangement around them that looks nice. We got a BEAUTIFUL end table from my mom, that she found at a thrift store. I'll post photos soon... But I promise, it's insane. It's all angle-y and has metal-capped feet. It's big, too. One of those multi-level tables, but unlike most of them that have old-lady swirls and curves, this one is super modern. I LOVE it. It just needs some work on the finish. There is a little bit of discoloration and some cup marks. But it's not bad. And this table feels so solid. I kind of think it was homemade. But back to furniture placement... I'm thinking I'd like to create some sort of conversation area next to the window, but I'm not sure how to do it yet. I just love the idea of having the central seating, and then a separate little conversation area. I'm just thinking the space is too small.
4. There is a problem with our stupid IKEA pendant light in the dining room. The cap doesn't sit flush with the ceiling, so you can see the wadded up cord and the icky hole in the ceiling. Thanks IKEA. I bought a surround to put between the light and the ceiling, but I have to uninstall the light to put it up. Are we finding a pattern here? Half-finished projects? Yes, I have thousands.
5. The hall light still doesn't work. The new fixture is up, but it doesn't do anything. I hate you hall light.
6. I want to find a lamp for the afore-mentioned end table. I've got a Home Goods gift card that has lamp written all over it. I'm thinking small and clean.
7. I want to create a plate mural on the wall of the dining area. I'm not liking the collection of red frames. It's just too holly-hobby looking. And I read this post on Apartment Therapy that had the most lovely instructions on how to make a good display. I want to try it. Justin is not convinced. I think I can get away with it if I find modern and non-feminine plates. But seriously, how amazing does this look? I'm even thinking I can trail it up over the doorway to the carport hall, like this image. I just love clustered items on a wall. I've just never known how to do it nicely.
OK, that's all I can do for now. I made a giant "to-do" list in my gmail, and just thinking about it is making me sad. I totally thought I was going to finish sanding my chairs tonight. But I'm still itchy from last night and I had a margarita with dinner. Excuses, excuses... But I've got two totally sanded. Two are half sanded. I'm further than I was on Monday. And I'm sanding these things with a vengeance. I hope they look good after the Penetrol goes on. I'm a little nervous that they will still look ghostly and pale, like they do now from all the sanding. I wish I knew what I was doing. Oh well. Cheers to flying by the seat of your pants!

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