Friday, March 25, 2011

Roxanne's Room

OK, so I know that Roxanne's bedroom is not really a designer showcase, but we are just not one of those families that have few enough toys to make her room look like the pretty ones on ohdeedoh, etc. But we love it. And so does she. We've been wanting to get Roxanne a play table for a while, since she has so many tiny toys and dollhouses and they end up in weird jumbles in different corners of the house. Alas, even on Craigslist, the fancy play tables are super expensive and HUGE. Roxanne's tiny room won't accommodate the size, and our tiny budget won't accommodate the price. I felt like there HAD to be an IKEA something or other that we could use instead of a play table, but I just wasn't finding the right thing. Obviously, I've been checking thrift stores, but nothing has been coming along that was right, hence the IKEA move. I googled something along the lines of "IKEA play table hack" and found an adorable playroom with LACK side tables pushed together to make a play table. Sold! So a few weeks ago, we went to IKEA and bought 3 LACK tables (and some new, solid colored, less busy curtains) and some pink bins for underneath the tables. And it's a great change to her room! And since the LACK tables are around $10, it's OK if they don't last forever.
Here are the little tables. We went with the light blue, just to cool it on all the pink in there. And I'm in love with this green curtains. I think the pack of two panels is $10, if I'm not mistaken. And the pink bins (made to go in the Expedit shelving unit, but also fit perfectly under these tables) fit an amazing amount of stuffed animals. Trust me.
I know this bin storage unit is cluttery, but it really does help with little ones being able to see what is where. I have found (and I'm a nanny ya'll, I am with little monsters all day every day) that they play with stuff more if they can see it. They're also more likely to clean up if they can see where to put things...

I know that little red framed picture is way too close to the big one. I need to move it. Also, please excuse the insane amount of junk on Roxanne's dresser. Kids=insane amounts of junk.


  1. Roxanne's room is just adorable. It's the perfect room for a little girly girl. I love her white dresser with pink trim and embellishments.

  2. Very cute room. I love the chandelier, the dresser & that pink owl.

    The wall stickers are also very cute. It is a room I would have dreamed to have as a little girl.

  3. Krazy4Mod: Thank you! We tried to make her a tomboy, but she definitely turned that around... That dresser belonged to my father-in-law. It was painted in two shades of green when we inherited it, and while they were neat colors, the paint was not in great shape. I actually painted it in the current color scheme, and I'm happy with the results. Except that I sprayed the off-white background and there are some spray-paint related bad spots here and there. Some day I'll sand those down and fix them. Some day...
    Vintage Coconut: Thank you so much! The chandelier is IKEA, and was pretty cheap. I saw a tour on ohdeedoh where the mom had painted the same chandelier a soft pink on the metal parts, and it was SO cute. I think I might copy, but I'm thinking a soft yellow would be cute. The pink owl bank and wall decals are all from Target. She had the matching bedding as a toddler, but I think it works better now that it's not all so matchy matchy. I'm trying to make her room look a little more eclectic and sophisticated (believe it or not) so I'm slowly replacing some of the more babyish pieces with thrifted things that are still girly, but a little more grown up. I'm thinking I'll get where I want to be in a few years... :)