Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Girly Girl Haven

Since I have a GIANT assignment that I'm behind on, I decided it was a good time to spend an hour or so making changes in Roxanne's room. Logical, right? Yeah. And now I'm blogging. Sigh. I put a quilt up on Roxanne's wall behind her crib. My grandmother gave it to me, and I'm absolutely in love with it. The colors are so beautiful, and it's PERFECT for the direction I want to take Roxanne's super girly bedroom. We're slowly phasing out her darling baby nursery stuff, and moving more to "girl" stuff. I'm aiming for antique, girly, and with a little modern touch thrown in. Obviously, I'm not a designer, and I'm working with not much budget, but I love her room. It's so comfy.
I don't know why these kitties are so angry. Maybe it's the bows.
I love these lambs. And puppies.
Cute overload? Yes, please.
I moved the decals (and scaled them back) from the two walls above Roxanne's crib to this corner between windows. Much nicer.
I love love love these curtains. I found the set at Goodwill with my mom. I fell in love with the fabric, and the pinch pleats, and the fact that these are nice curtains. They are heavy, well-made, and lined. They had their original tie-backs, too. The problem is that there were 3 panels. I only bought 2 (and I still have some heartache for not buying the third). They are too small to cover her whole window, so I bought a tension rod and some sheers from Target today (super super cheap; yay!) and put them up behind the curtain panels, and inside the window. I'm not sure what to do about getting them to cover her whole window, but practical concerns often get in the way of cute curtains...
Jeepers, I love these curtains. Above the head of Roxanne's crib is a small framed postcard. I think the image looks like her. And I'm fairly certain it was sent to my Grandma at one point, but since it's been framed so long, I can't really remember. I know it's kind of weirdly tiny for that wall, but I'll work on that later.
I swapped the wall art so that the large round frame is back over the dresser. It works much better that way. And yes, Roxanne's dresser is junked up. And she broke the middle left handle off. I've got to find the right glue to repair it. Who knew a two year old could do that???
This is Max. He's taller than Roxanne. He's adorable. The print behind him is sentimental. We had one like it (mine was part of a pair) growing up, and my mom found this one in a local thrift store. It's a sweet poem. The yellow chair was a curb find. I talked about him in a prior post.
A view of Roxanne's room.
Another view of Roxanne's room. We would like to replace that glider some day. It's the squeakiest chair in existence, but she loves sitting in it and reading to herself, and Justin reads to her in it every night. Every little child needs a glider or rocking chair in their room. This one was my sister's, so Roxanne is the third child to use it, and I think it's starting to give out. Justin tried tightening various parts underneath it, but to no avail. I used to want an Eames shell chair rocker, but I have heard that they are really uncomfortable. My new dream is an upholstered glider. They are SO expensive. I browse Craigslist for them though.
While I was working in her room, Roxanne kept running in there, grabbing a few toys, and running back out. She was yelling "we are decorating the house! We are decorating the house!" over and over. I didn't know what she was doing until I came out for dinner. By now, the whole table is almost encircled. Like mama like daughter I guess. She loves organizing things into little lines. I'm not so much big on the organizing thing. Just the decorating part.

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