Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Drumroll please...

I'm not even going to apologize for the photo quality. I'm not a photographer, and even though I keep letting Roxanne take pictures with our camera in the hopes that she will break it and necessitate us selling one or two kidneys to get a new one, I'm stuck with it. Just see past the poor image quality to the majesty of the shell chairs. They are lovely. Justin sat in one at dinner (I only had time to finish one before we ate) and the first thing he said was that it fit his butt nicely. I reminded him that we don't use the "b" word in front of our toddler/parrot, but oh well. I'm glad that he likes the chairs.
Speaking of the parrot, we are thinking about not keeping her chair with the booster seat in it for now... She seems to be able to reach the table fine with the shell chair. That being said, any excuse to strap down a two year old at meal times is probably a good one. So we'll maybe do a short trial run. She's still prone to sliding in and out of her seat for various reasons (dance breaks, finding a toy to get all gummed up with her meal, yelling at the dog to stop taking her food even though the dog is fifteen feet away, etc.). So yeah. Maybe keep the booster for now...
I know it's a little cafeteria looking, but I mean, it is cafeteria stuff, right? And that's fine. The color is so bright and happy, and this table is perfect for the space and perfect for messy kids. You just can't hurt it.
At Justin's insistence, I took down the print that was in this spot on the pre-hallway and put this lovely lady up. He's not crazy about this either, but whatever. Once we win the lottery he can go pick out something fancy. In the mean time, I love this poster. I got it at Value Village, too, and it's a print of a summary of a Shakespeare character from a British newspaper. Somehow, this helps me feel justified in going back to graduate school in August. Like, I'm studying English, and I have Shakespeare-related art on my walls. Profound, right?
Here she is, a little closer. Doesn't she look perfect? I'm pretty sure these were done in the seventies. I love it.


  1. Lovely!
    That's a really great, round table and chairs. Whenever I'm at the kids school, I dream about the cafe furniture being in my kitchen, mainly because it's so easy to clean stickiness from it's surface!

  2. I love the color! They look great.

    Which Shakespeare character is she? I'm back to reading Shakespeare again (Titus Andronicus currently), so I was just wondering . . . .

  3. Thanks so much Leah! Yes, this table is indestructible. It's one of the Eames "conference" tables that we picked up for a pretty good price at a local antique shop. I think it was cheaper because it's that off-white laminate top, and most people want wood for their homes. Maybe someday, but while we have a toddler, this is ideal. Something about the Eames chairs with the Eames table just fits so nicely. The height is ideal.
    Jim, thanks! The poster is Viola from 12th Night. One of my favorites. :) I admit that I can't read Titus Andronicus. I've tried but it's just too much. And I LOVE the Julie Taymor film version. It's a little weird, but beautiful. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it at some point.

  4. Get the blonde tornado a cosco kitchen stool, either vintage or new. My kids loved them. They're tall enough for the table, but not that easy to get out of. Great as a toddler chair.

  5. Thanks for the idea! My step-mom-in-law actually gave us a yellow vintage Cosco stool, and I never thought about having that be her seat. I'm totally going to try it out! Thanks!