Thursday, March 18, 2010


What does that spell? Hobo Camp. That's a nod to Jerry Blank; please disregard if you aren't a fan of Strangers with Candy. I couldn't help it. The whole time I was finishing up that last drawer pull in my kitchen, I kept hearing her in my head yelling "hobo camp!" as I was thinking about being victorious over those stupid drawer pulls. I still have one lower cabinet with paint on it, but that's it. Everything else in the kitchen is looking much better. I'll post photos soon. I'm just so excited that I got those stupid things out. It finally took me using pliers to turn the screws, and tearing up my fingertips as I loosened them by hand for the last half. But I promise, it's worth it. Now I just have to figure out how to hide stupid holes that are showing from where someone had drilled two sets of holes in the drawer fronts (only on four of them...only). I didn't know they were there until I had already bought and opened my new drawer pulls, so no chance of finding some that would just extend flush on the front to hide the pulls... Man, I'm boring myself. Sorry.

So last weekend I put some time in on our bedroom. I finally got the old ceiling fan down, and put up the IKEA fixture.

It's not as fancy as I'd love, but the shape is very fun, and it makes the room feel younger and more bright. But holy moly, it took a REALLY long time to get that bad boy up. The good news is that I learned to cut and strip wire, which was a new skill for me, and required new tools. Definitely worth it though. The light fixture makes a huge difference.

We also found a new duvet set, at IKEA of course, that we think will look pretty amazing in the bedroom.

The thing about IKEA is that it's cheaper to buy that duvet set (that includes two pillowcases) than to go buy special pillowcases. So eventually I'll venture out and get awesome graphic pillowcases, but I think this set is fine for now. And the yellow and white stripes look lovely with the grey walls. Some day I want to spring for this amazing IKEA blanket, but it's a bit pricey for me right now. And we needed the yellow. But look at it! Nice, right? I would link the IKEA stock photo for our set, but it's not on the website for some reason...

I found a $3 yellow clock at Target that I wanted to hang on the wall below my "air plants" print, but Justin vetoed it. He says it ticks too loud and he can't sleep through it. I know he's right, but I think I'd sacrifice sleep for that clock. It is adorable. And while I'm thinking about it, here's the air plants print. Justin and I picked it out a Indie Craft Experience a few years ago.
I also have this little plastic yellow candy dish that I found at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago. I had no idea what I'd do with it, but I couldn't leave it. It's perfect for my ridiculously mismatched and pitiful hair accessories (tied together hair rubber bands, bent bobby pins, etc.). I think it's adorable. In spite of the awful photo. Sorry. But yes, the photo in the background is one of our wedding photos.
Two of my other favorite pieces in our bedroom are my milk glass lamp and Rose. Both were given to me by my mom. I had Rose in my room on and off when I was little (as did my sister) but she always gave me nightmares. Not anymore! Now she just reminds me of how lovely it is to be clean, polished and thin. *ouch* The little milk glass lamp is so cute, and Justin found the perfect shade for it. I bought an awful one at Target, and we returned it and he picked this one out at Kudzu Antiques while I waited in the car with Roxanne. Babies and antique shops are kind of like bulls in china shops. But with more precise risky behavior. And thumbs.

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