Friday, November 6, 2009

Yellow Kitchen

So, while Roxanne and I were at the Pediatric Emergency Room last night making sure she didn't have a berry stuck up her nose (apparently she either swallowed it or it came out on it's own), Justin was able to paint the kitchen.  We are both a little confused about the end result.  After I painted the countertops a dark gray, we decided that a yellow would look nice to coordinate.  Originally we wanted to do a really light gray, but after the countertops, it would have been like having a kitchen inside a rain cloud.  I really like the trend of yellow, gray, black and white, since it looks so modern to me.  The yellow we ended up with isn't really the right yellow for that palette though.  It's more of a saturated deeper yellow.  It's still very pretty, and I think we'll keep it, but maybe just re-think the accent colors.  The house has so many blues and grays, we both agree that the warmer color is nice.  We are thinking that maybe doing some red accents in the living room/dining room would be neat with the light blue walls (our wedding colors were robin's egg blue and red) and it seems like a little bit of red would look nice with the yellow in the kitchen.  I just don't want it to end up looking like McDonald's in there.  Yikes.  While thrift store shopping last weekend with my mom, I found some great vintage Rubbermaid tumblers in yellow, and they look really cute on the open shelving in the ktichen.  She urged me to get the little teacup and saucer sets in a pretty yellow, for the shelves, and I'm kind of regretting not listening to her.  But, I think because there is a man in the house, the plastic tumblers are a better choice.  

The other problem we are having in the kitchen is the drawer pulls.  I bought some from IKEA that are very clean looking and modern, but they aren't quite the right size.  One set of drawers though had two sets of holes, so I was able to put the new pulls on.  I LOVE them, and now think that I want to drill new holes in all the drawers to accommodate them, but how do you fill holes in laminate?  I have oodles of putty from all of the holes we had to fill in the walls, but wouldn't that look bizarre?  It's probably my only choice for now.  As long as no one is going over and inspecting the drawer fronts, it should be OK.  One thing we are definitely learning as we go is that NOTHING is as easy as you think it will be.  We totally thought we'd be able to change all of the light fixtures in the house last Sunday.  Um, we got ONE changed.  Granted, it was a behomouth ceiling fan from the seventies, but there were five of us working on it, and it still took forever.  And by the end of it, we all had super sore arms and necks from our efforts.  The second lesson is that trying to move and do house projects with a toddler is not easy.  

Oh, and our bathtub upstairs is peeling.  I know that I need to google it and figure out how to handle it, but I'm kind of afraid of what I'll see.  Like when Roxanne gets a rash and I can't bring myself to google it, in part because I can't stand looking at internet images of rashes, but also because I'm always I'll find out that she has some really weird and scary skin condition.  Sigh.

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